About Us...

"I've gone to Florida."
- Commandant Colonel Archibald Henderson wrote this in a note left under a pad outside Marine Corps Headquarters in 1836.

The logo displayed above can be easily edited with any text editor to add your company name And slogan. It will still maintain the graphic look. This is a sample website. Click the link at the bottom of the page to visit AllWebCo. Once you purchase a website template, it belongs to you. It can be edited by you, another design firm, or we can update the site for you at any time.

Future Goals
Written in simple HTML, every AllWebCo template features helpful setup options. Globally change the font sizes and colors by editing a single file as opposed to updating each page singly. Change to a graphic logo by renaming one file. Add a new link button on the menu by editing a single text file, plus other helpful options.

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