Our Pups...

(June 24, 1994 - February 25, 2005)

A Yorkie-Poo (Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle Mix - and yes, it was on purpose!) Chiisai's 'registered' name is Chiisai Tenshi (pronounced chee-sigh), which means 'Little Angel' in Japanese. We named her that because she was so little when we got her and because my wife had heard a story about how some people think dogs are angels sent from heaven, sent to earth to test us mortals and see what we're made of.

She was just 8 weeks old and barely two-pounds and the runt of the litter the day we brought her home, but what she lacked in size she made up for in attitude and spirit! No dog we have ever known had such a personality and was as intelligent. She passed obedience school with flying colors, finishing at the top of her class. She enjoyed Agility, and won many awards in it, including a first place trophy. She loved to learn and do tricks, and picked them up very, very quickly. She was always animated and eager to please, but loved to cuddle and just be with you if that's all you wanted. Sadly, Chiisai passed away in 2005 after several years of illness. We miss her terribly and think of her every single day. She was truly our Angel sent from heaven.

(September 2, 1995 - May 12, 2014)

Also a Yorkie-Poo, Shadow's 'registered' name is Chiisai No Kage, which means 'Shadow of Little Angel' in Japanese. She got her name because she followed Chiisai everywhere she went and was literally her shadow when we first brought her home. We decided to keep the Americanized version, because everyone always had problems pronouncing Chiisai's name. Chiisai was just over a year old when we found Shadow and they became fast friends. Shadow was also a very smart little dog, but much quieter and laid back than Chiisai was.

Shadow was such a joy to have around and always LOVED to play and go for rides in our truck. She knew both those words so very well, we used to have to spell them around her if we didn't want to really play or go driving. Born on September 2, 1995, Shadow remained such an active, healthy, and good-looking dog over the years that people used to mistake her for a young pup and often still couldn't believe she was a senior citizen, even at 18. Shadow slowed down a bit after she turned 16, but she still enjoyed her daily walks and strolling around the neighborhood in her own 'doggie chariot'. She was a fighter, rallying back from illness again and again, as if to say, don't count me out yet! Shadow joined Chiisai at the Rainbow Bridge on May 12, 2014 after several months of declining health due to old age. Words cannot express how devastated we are at her passing. Life will never be the same for us, but we take consolation in knowing she lived a very long, and we hope, a good and happy life, and is finally now at peace and reunited with her sister.

Below are links to some pictures and videos of our 'girls.' We've got so many photos and videos that we'll definitely be adding more as time goes on.

Chiisai & Shadow K9 Marines
Shadow in back, Chiisai up front

Memorial Slideshow Video for CHIISAI